PLN Reflection

Upon initial reading of this PLN assignment, it seemed relatively clear-cut. After pondering it, however, and after reading further regarding professional learning networks, the assignment became more complicated in a very positive way. I became progressively aware of my own greater reflection upon the idea and what occurred to me was the extent to which I have professional resources readily available to me. When I first began creating this week’s Popplet, I tried to categorize these resources, thinking perhaps that I would have four categories. I began recognizing the multiple caches of information and ideas available for my tapping. Ultimately, I finalized the Popplet with six categories which are simultaneously disparate and connected. Forcing myself to consider all of the professional organizations, both formal and informal, was energizing. It is encouraging to realize, from time to time, that the teaching profession is nothing less than collaborative. Determining my professional learning network served as an excellent reminder that the best teachers are those who keep on learning- and that so many potential opportunities exist.


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